What Colors Say About Your Event and How To Use Them!

How To Use Colors For A Fabulous Event with Colorado Party Rentals!

Fall color trends reflect the season and define an element of our society.  Colors change moods and shape events.  Colorado Party Rentals gives you the color trends for fall and what they bring to your party.  Colors can speak of romance, power, stillness, be casual or bright.  Colors play a role, especially in events, never underestimate the power of color!  Learn about what they say and how to use them effectively in event themes for fall!

Indian wedding cake

Elegant indian cake


An event that wants to convey a light, frosty fairytale, an other- worldly atmosphere; use these warm palettes.  Frosty cerulean blue’s, gold, deep magenta, and mossy green used together bring an intriguing depth to an event.  Lightweight fabrics are essential to this look, to keep it airy.


Rich and Opulent

Glamour and exotic decadence are what these colors introduce to an environment.  Using rich, heavy fabrics of velvet, brocades and heavy silk will bring a dark and mysterious vibe.  Colors of dark purple, metallic silver, teal and bronze with iridescent blue grey will play into the most exotic and romantic color theme.


© Kristina Rice | kricephotos.com

Photo credit: © Kristina Rice | kricephotos.com


These colors are perfect a girl’s party, or an event that needs to be kept light and cheery.  Think bright, pink combined with a dark rose, a pale blue with a light orange and to bring in the surprise element, a bit of chartreuse.


Sophisticated Serenity

Need to bring a sophisticated, yet elegant air to your atmosphere?  Try pastels in lavender, cream, and icy blue.  Celadon green and dark grey combined with pastels bring a feeling of calm and elegance without ostentatious show.Colorado Glassware rentals

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From the moment we answer the phone, you will receive assistance in planning and creating your order to achieve the look that you want.  No event is too big or too small for personalized attention and we will work with you over the phone or on-site to provide you with your choice of the broadest range of equipment in the region, from specialty linens, tables, chairs and china to tents and tent structures. Looking for something you do not see on our website? Just ask. Our inventory is constantly being updated to reflect the requests of our customers and the newest trends.  Call us!

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