3 Winter-Themed Kids’ Birthday Party Ideas!

Technically, it is still Fall, and the snow is not on the horizon yet. Still, it is not early to start planning your kid’s birthday which happens to be in winter. And, we’re pretty sure they are excited even now for that special day in the next month or two.

Winter party ideasOf course, kids have their own wishes and an extraordinary imagination. Ask your kid in time how they imagine their birthday, and you may get an idea. But many kids want to be surprised and in fact, they’d love your incentive on planning together their party.

Denver has a lot going for it, not the least of which is the weather. Yes, even the snow and ice can be used to our advantage! The fun doesn’t have to stop when it snows. Let Colorado Party Rentals in Denver show you three unique kids’ birthday themes centered around our Colorado winter!  Let your child celebrate the season in which they were born, not mourn it, and throw a winter party they will never forget!

Frozen Kingdom

It’s a given: there are going to be dozens of Frozen parties for girls this winter. Make yours unique! Create a fantastic winter wonderland with twinkling white lights and a snowflake machine to greet the guests at the door. Create an indoor “Olaf” snowman and have a real indoor snowball fight with fake snow. Cover the floor with a blue painter’s tarp or white painter’s canvas to appear as snow. Cover furniture in the same canvas and let the kids have their first indoor snowball fight! Go sledding outside for part of the party, if a sledding hill is available. For food, think outside the box. Instead of cake, serve ice cream sandwiches, or make cupcakes shaped like ice cream cones, or have a chocolate fondue fountain, reminiscent of the movie.

Candy Land

Original party sweetsTransform your home into a “sugar-and-spice and everything nice” land. Every kid loves candy; the kids will love you forever, but their parents may become your closest enemy! Well, the key is to balance! And add rich color. So, be sure to allow a moderate amount of candies and sweets on the table, and make room for some fruits like bananas, apples, tangerines, and healthy snacks. Decorate these with extra colorful flags to be appealing to the little guests.

Turn your home into a giant game board, transforming each room into a different region of the board game. Use laminated construction paper as colorful floor tiles for the kids to move along. Make a trail throughout the home leading into each new room. For Candy Cane Forest, set up Christmas trees dusted with fake snow and hung with candy canes. For a Chocolate Swamp, line a table in plastic wrap and let kids “finger paint” with chocolate pudding. Have a craft table of making candy jewelry, decorating gingerbread cookies, or something else that corresponds with the game in each room. Have fun with it and count your blessings – you get to send the kids home with their sugar high!

Winter Sports Party

Choose an outdoor activity, such as ice skating or sledding, or both! Make reservations at a sledding hill or ice rink. For party favors, hand out hand mittens or fuzzy socks. If possible, set up a “party station” by the rink. Have a hot cocoa bar and include trimmings of marshmallows, chocolate spoons, and peppermint sticks. Have a popcorn machine with fresh hot popcorn for a rink-side snack. Perhaps hire a few private ice skating teachers for a group lesson on the ice, or to help lead the kids in games on skates!

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