Create The Perfect Cheese Tray For Super Bowl Entertaining

Your Super Bowl party doesn’t have to be all chips and dip. Take it up a notch and host with a perfect cheese tray. Colorado Party Rentals shows the winning combinations for the pickiest palette. Cheese plates offer the most versatile and classiest appetizer options. No cooking or mixing dips; just present on a tray and you are set to party.

The Cheese Checklist

Gouda Cheese
Chevre Goat Cheese
Brie Cheese Log
Manchego Cheese

Winning Combinationshosting events

Gouda and Fuji Apples
Gouda, pepperoni log and spicy Dijon mustard
Water crackers, chevre rounded off with roasted red peppers
Frech bread loaf, chevre, roasted red peppers
Water crackers and manchego cheese

Cheese Tray Dos
and Don’ts

When putting together a cheese tray, keep it clean and simple. By clean, we mean use only non-flavored cheeses. Flavored cheese detracts from the actual cheese flavor. Don’t let anything stand between you and the fromage! When choosing your cheese, you really only need 4 or 5 options. Go with a textural variety made from differing milk. Sheep, goat, and cow milk cheeses all blend well together.


The presentation of the cheese is everything! Cut your cheese before placing it on the cutting board. With soft cheeses, such as blue or chevre, cut using a wire. Honeycomb or a fruit compote, along with crackers or in-season fruit, complement the cheese beautifully. Make your tray visually striking, as people tend to eat with their eyes first!

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