Rent Picnic Tables and Linens For a Simple and Successful Birthday Party in the Park

You can barely throw a rock in Colorado without hitting a park, so it makes sense to take advantage of these gorgeous public spaces for your kids birthday party. Fresh air, free entertainment, and beautiful surroundings are the perfect ingredients for a successful kid party. However, you can make the birthday party even more stress-free by renting tents, picnic tables, linens, and games.Rent picnic tables for kid birthday party

Reserving space in a public park

A public park is open to anyone, so you will need to get to the park early to make sure that you can reserve your space. You need to mark your territory. Pick a place in the park that has plenty of space for everyone. Some parks have picnic areas with tables and seating, but there are probably going to be other people who want to take advantage of that area. Therefore, pick a spot in the park that has plenty of space, and then set up your own party area with all the things that you need.

Pop Up Tents

Rain or shine, you will want a little shade. A festival or pop-up tent should be sufficient. Of course, if you’re going to set up some shade, make sure you pick a spot in the park that is fairly level. This will also make it easier to set up seating for the kids and the parents. If you are bringing food, you will certainly want a little shade to cover the food/cake table.

Picnic Tables and Linens

Rent picnic table linens

Rent a few picnic tables and have them set up ahead of time. Colorado Party Rentals can handle that part. We’ll show up, set up and break down, all you have to do is reserve the space. Wooden picnic tables and some colorful or classic checkered linens will quickly create a cute birthday party space. Having tablecloths on the tables will also make it more obvious to other park goers that this is a private party and not public picnic tables.


Since we’re already there with the picnic tables, why not have us bring along some games, as well. We’ve got incredible oversized games that are perfect for a park. Having games set up will also help you keep the kids close and set a perimeter that the kids have to stay within.


Rent picnic tables and linens for a party at the park

With the help of Colorado Party Rentals, we’ll take the stress out of any party, indoor or outdoor, big or small. We’ve got the essential party equipment, as well as, the fun stuff. We’ll help you make a simple kids birthday party even less stressful by helping you set up and break down. All you have to do is keep track of the kids.

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