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colorado party rentals portfolioPlanning all the little details of your wedding theme is part of what makes your wedding so completely unique. Each bride and groom add their own touch of something special that no one else has done. Get even more creative with your rehearsal dinner and add glowing candle centerpieces created with a black and white photo of the happy couple.

Here is how to create a gorgeous candle centerpiece from a printed vellum paper.

Let your guest of honor shine with this simple creative touch.

What's you Colorado wedding style?

What you will need:

  • For each center piece you wish to create you will need three like-sized frames. Generally a 5×7 size will be a workable table size.
  • Photos you love, saved to a usb drive. If you don’t have the capacity to change the image to black and white on your own computer, take it to a digital photo studio and ask them to make the changes.
  • Paint or Wood Stain for the exterior of the frames to create the look you desire. Plus appropriate sized brushes, and sponge tipped brushes.
  • Neutral Colored Cloth Tape, or Book Binding Tape.
  • Glass Candle Holders smaller than the height of your frames.
  • Votive candles that will burn for the length of your event.

What you will do:

  • Remove the backing of each of the frames and discard.
  • Lightly sand the exterior surface of each of the frames.
  • Paint or Stain as desired. Set to Dry for 24 hours.
  • Set up each of the three like-sized frames in a triangular shape and tape edges together on the interior sides.
  • Print your chosen photos, either at home or take your USB stick to a digital photo shop and print your correctly sized black and white photos onto semi-transparent vellum paper. If you desire an aged look choose a beige paper.
  • Cut the photos to size, and slide into the glass slot on the interior side of the frames. add a small piece of tape to hold the photo flat inside the glass.
  • Place glass candle holder inside the triangular centerpiece. Place votive inside candle holder and light.
choose  a photo

Go beyond the traditional couple portrait with this DIY illuminated candle idea on your favorite photo

Let Colorado Party Rentals help you add creative details to your next event with DIY Centerpieces.

From Weddings to Rehearsal Dinners, Anniversary Celebrations and much more, Colorado Party Rentals takes great care with the smallest of details for your event. You can add interesting touches to your event’s theme by using photos of your guest of honor to create a glowing candle centerpiece. Make an appointment today to see our showroom full of idea inspiring products. Test Colors and Patterns in our Test Lab the Showroom.  Trust the professionals at Colorado Party Rentals, for all of your event rental needs in Denver and all around Colorado.


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